Loh Yong Han (5C)
He likes school very much and shares a lot of school events at home. Hope more focus on him to improve his reading and leadership.
Loh Yong Shuen (4B)
He may be quiet at school but he is very active at home. School has given him a lot of stimulations. Please continue to guide him and encourage him to take part in group activity.
Joy Ling (4B)
As parent, we are very glad to see her improving in most subjects. Thank you so much for your diligent effort and contributions to her development.
Hong Huei Jack (6M)
He has continued to show progress in his studies. He is more confident and progresses well in all aspects. Thanks Ekids...
Hong Jia Yin (6B)
We are happy and glad to note the improvement on Jia Yin. For the past 2 years in Ekids, she has developed good habits and attitudes...

Ariff (6M)
Ariff tells me he loves Ekids! He appears to find lessons fun and he completes his homework after lunch everyday on his own. We are happy with his progress...








Dear Principal,

Coming to Ekids Preschool and Daycare was my son's first experience of care outside our home.

We cannot express enough gratitude to those involved in helping to mold and influence my son in such a positive and caring environment.

A HUGE thank you to Ekids teachers who have put a smile on my son's face every time he comes home.

He absolutely LOVES his teachers, friends and activities in Ekids and loves to talk about what he did at school and about the friends he has made.

My husband and I have been very impressed when he came home telling us about leap year.  (He told us you have taught him so).

He has also learned the nature of working and sharing with others.

We really feel grateful for the wonderful care he received from the staff of Ekids.

Thank you for everything for the past 3 and a half years.  Keep up the good work!   Thank you!!


A Parent of 6B class 2012



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