Preschool fun and play

Early childhood education has been taken to a different level as the focus is on increasing playtime while incorporating learning skills. Preschool teacher Coral Ng had her hands full with a group of four-year-olds crowding her at the tabletop as she poured the flour into the cookie mixture. “Teacher, teacher, I want to help!” the excited preschoolers in their pristine aprons cried out. Later, the children had a field day rolling the dough into little balls and watching the cookies

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How to choose the best child care center for you!

WE have three Chinese schools in our neighbourhood. School A is well-known for its good results but school life is said to be stressful for the students. It is also rumoured that the children in the top class are more selfish. School B is not bad but the teachers give a lot of homework and students find it stressful too. School C has a more relaxed learning environment. But we heard that discipline is lacking and the students are not

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